With more and more employees working remotely; Live Streaming has made it is easy for companies to stream corporate events across the globe. Through live video, organizations can connect with its customers or employees in real-time; without the need for travel. Enterprise conferences are growing faster than almost any other industry – a predicted growth 44% by 2020 according to the US Bureau of Labor. Mobile Events allows your company to reach any employee, anywhere. 


Your wedding...

a day that you will cherish and remember forever. Now, you can share that day with everyone! MOBILE EVENTS will stream yours live to family and friends who are unable to attend the ceremony. It doesn't matter how far away your guests are, they will still be able to attend your wedding online! Brides and grooms looking to share their wedding day with as many loved ones as possible now have a choice. Mobile Events streaming service is the next best thing to being there and the perfect solution to include ALL your family and friends without worrying about the cost of travel. We make it easy to share your big day with everyone. Our professional and courteous staff will take care of everything, ensuring a perfect webcast and giving your online guests the best experience possible. Mobile Events is also the perfect GREEN solution …….the latest trend is webcast guests getting together to throw virtual wedding parties while watching the wedding live online.

We are devoted to helping you stream the wedding of your dreams stress free. This is your day and you deserve to have the best. You can rest assured as both our Standard and Premium services include:

  • A professionally trained and courteous staff member will be on-location during the ceremony to webcast your wedding. We'll take care of everything, including consulting with your wedding coordinator before the wedding. 
  • A live, broadband-quality webcast of your ceremony. The audio and video will be stutter free and guaranteed 100% to reach viewers as the stream will be configured so that anyone with a broadband connection can watch your wedding webcast.
  • User support during your webcast should your guests need assistance in accessing your live feeds.


Social Events....

It’s always a disappointment when relatives and friends can’t share in the joy of a once-in-a-lifetime event or ceremony. Mobile Events live streaming service brings technology and life’s celebrations together. “Live the moment,” by witnessing and honoring the milestones and achievements of your loved ones. As we all know, not everyone invited can be present at the event. There are various reasons that family members and friends would not be able to attend, especially if they live in a different state or overseas. Some family members perhaps are unable to travel due to health issues, others due to work obligations or financial reasons. Fortunately, thanks to the advancement of technology, we are providing a solution for such situations. MOBILE EVENTS provides the newest event planning trend, live streaming of events. This new innovative trend allows family and friends all over the world to watch the event in real time. Furthermore, the event will be available for viewing for a minimum of 60 days past the day of the event and in addition to that the client also receives a DVD recording of the entire event. This new service will turn your celebrations into a unique, modern event that allows you to share an important family tradition with those closest to you and your family.

David Tutera 2015 Approved Vendor Your Wedding Experience

Important note about DVD Archive of the Wedding Webcast: We provide the raw footage of your wedding webcast to you on DVD that will play in most standard DVD players. The footage is recorded by high-quality 3ccd digital video cameras at full television resolution (standard definition). It is important to note that the footage is completely untouched and unedited. However, it makes great b-roll footage if you have someone putting together a wedding video for you. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU STILL HIRE A PROFESSIONAL VIDEOGRAPHER FOR A TRADITIONAL WEDDING DVD.

Mobile Events Live Streaming Service

"Mobile Events provided incredible service on the night of our wedding and were super easy to work with. Their team was perfectly discreet, as promised, so much so that I was almost completely unaware that they were there! I am beyond thrilled that we were able to share our wedding with our loved ones who couldn't make it in this unique way. Several of our cousins were able to tune in to the live stream, and the rest of our family are enjoying watching (and re-watching) the videos now. Everyone thought the streaming was a really innovative addition to the wedding, and we can't thank the Mobile Events team enough! Future brides, if you have loved ones in far-away lands, this streaming service is a really wonderful way of sharing your day with them!"

 CHELSEA W.    -Bride

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